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Nancy’s Story

I have been an avid animal lover all of my life. My current rescue family consists of two dogs and four cats. My beloved Cocker Spaniel named Casey was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease. It is a serious autoimmune disease that was rapidly progressing. I knew that inflammation was a side effect and that her immune system was failing. I poured my heart and soul into researching both areas for the best supplement I could create to buy her quality time. My kitchen was my laboratory and food was my ammunition. I created a supplement of the best human food powders that would support her immune system and curb inflammation.

Nancy Seymour Founder

I had professional input from a master formulator/chemist, and my first human-grade pet supplement was born. The results were dramatic! My supplement showed results in Casey within three days. Her trembling hind legs became stable, next her mucous filled eyes became clear, then her fur began a regrowth, and on the 21st day of mixing it in her food at each meal, true quality of life returned to buy us some time. It showed me the power of nutrition and the impact it has. The before and after shots from day one to day 21 were astonishing.

BEFORE – Day 1

AFTER – Day 21

Casey – age 13

My Golden Retriever and Bichon started as puppies on my supplement. In the testimonials, you can see videos of them as senior dogs running like puppies and healthy. Addressing inflammation and boosting the immune system through powerful nutrition can make a difference in your pet’s life. Over the past years, my pet supplement often from word of mouth has helped hundreds of other dogs and cats maintain or regain their health and vibrancy.

People Product

I have created an amazing natural topical human rub, Just Relief, for everyday minor discomfort. It’s so popular with families and medical professionals. The first iteration was featured on a popular TV product show.

“Created for my family…..…..sharing with yours!”

Nancy Seymour


Natural Solutions Superfood Pet Supplement

Natural Solutions Superfoods Pet Supplement is a natural, individually selected human-grade foods, spices, herbs mix that addresses inflammation, boosts the immune system, and nourishes most bodily functions.

Superfoods Pet Supplement –
brief product video and customer comments


Just Relief for People 

Just Relief is a topical, versatile product that helps your entire family with life’s minor discomforts. Children to seniors, athletes to hobbyists, gardeners and results from fun in the sun. Safe, easy, fast-acting! Rub on affected area.

Just Relief — a Topical Rub 

See brief product video with customer comments

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