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Natural Solutions Company is a woman owned company

Natural Solutions Company is committed to sharing decades of education, experience, and tips for natural, healthy products for pets and people. Nancy shares ideas for healthy, nutritious, and simple eating for pets and people, as well as tips for pet care and training. Small steps made fun so you can achieve results!

I have always believed in the life changing impact of healthy products whether food and supplements or products for our bodies. I have a degree from Texas Tech University in Human Sciences with an emphasis in nutrition. It’s each of our responsibilities to learn truth in products for optimum health. My goal is to bring pure, clean, natural ingredients into unique, results oriented products you can trust that will positively impact the lives of our families: both people or pets. They are products that I created for my family and am sharing with yours. I will share decades of tips on human nutrition, food selection and preparation, for humans and pets in my blogs and videos in social media. I will also share pet tips, care, and training that I have used. I am available to listen to your questions and share what I have learned. I want to make a difference in our lives with remarkable, natural products that work. I am honored to earn your trust and your business. 

My company began with Casey’s story. At 12, Casey was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. It is an autoimmune illness that forces a deterioration right before your eyes. By the age of 13, I could tell she was dying but I was not ready to give up. I resorted to my nutritional training and researched herbs, spices, food powders that targeted inflammation in the body and that boosted the immune system. My kitchen was my laboratory, food and nutrition became my ammunition.

The results were dramatic! Friends were amazed. I began getting calls for my supplement. Despite economic setbacks, Covid 19, I never gave up the dream of making a difference to humans and pet with my natural products.
       A. Superfoods Pet Supplement has been improved over time with several iterations of premium human grade food powders NONE sourced from China.

       B. My topical human rub, Just Relief, to assist with everyday minor discomfort as shown in the testimonials. Why take an opiate or prescriptive when often a natural product might really help. The first iteration of Just Relief was featured on a sister channel of a huge global TV shopping show for 10 months.

It is simple to use, the dogs and cats love the taste, and it is measured and added to their current food based on their weight. You will see results in your pet’s coat texture and shine, mobility, agility, demeanor and in so many ways. See my years of testimonials from satisfied customers.

Just like people take supplements to augment their nutrition in their daily meals. Even the best pet kibble loses so much nutritive value in processing much less questionable ingredients.

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NOTE: In the course of years in Nancy Seymour’s career to make a global contribution in the pet and human nutritional world, she has been connected to Casey Pets in October, 2008 (which investors closed in May, 2010 due to faltering economy) and Shining Star Pets of which she resigned in June, 2016 to develop, expand, and add people health and beauty products.

She has begun her own company, Natural Solutions Company in October, 2016 to continue her own products and her style of connecting to her fans and customers of decades and the way she wants to market them. See the Contact Page to reach her.


UNC TV – (see note)