Dog Testimonial

TAYLORE – 10 month old rescue with autoimmune disorder: When Taylore’s foster called for my help, she had bleeding ulcerated tongue where food would fall from her mouth from pain, and her feet were bleeding and yeasty causing her to walk like a very old lame dog. Supplement began.

In 14 days Taylore’s tongue and feet were healed, and her scabs were gone.

In 14 more days on supplement, Taylore began fur regrowth.

 -Raleigh, NC



SCOUT: Diagnosed with Addison’s Disease..high doses of steroids…rapid hair loss…just getting the benefits of the supplement has allowed all his hair to grow back and he is the picture of health. I can’t thank you enough.

Did I forget to mention that when I run out…he notices!

-K., Raleigh, NC


SAM, a dog with Cushings:

Sam, my Cushings dog is doing great. We skipped the ACTH test this time because she is doing so well on the dose of Trilostane and with none of the symptoms getting any worse, and for once is actually getting better. I have noticed so many little things about her personality and her old habits that I had forgotten about since she was diagnosed and not feeling well. She has gradually, over this first month, started acting so much more like her old self! We are so pleased. Carson has had a rough time over the last few weeks. We are changing doses on 1 medication and may be going to try different medications for her pain from the arthritis in her hips and front legs. She’s been off her food quite a bit, she’s suddenly losing her hearing, and she just hasn’t been feeling well at all. I’m doing everything I can to get that supplement in her!! It was no problem at all when she was eating. Anyway, we hope to see some improvement soon. She will be 12 yrs old next month.

Thank you so much!

-Susan F., Raleigh, NC


SIEGFRIED, the abused rescue Collie was in desperate need of help with his heartworms:

After learning of the formula we immediately thought of our 7 year-old Collie, Siegfried. We thought if it worked for their dogs, it might help him. You see, he came to us after a life of abuse as a stud dog in a puppy mill. He had been animal shelter abused, filthy, with a light case of heart worms, and in poor health. Collie Rescue of the Carolinas brought him back to health, treated the heart worms, and let us adopt him. He began to bond with us as we took him on daily 45 minute walks through the woods, over hills, and across streams that surround our farm. We noticed, though, that he tired toward the end of each walk and had to rest often. So, after we saw the program, we bought the supplement and began to add it to his food both morning and night. Before a month was up he began to show more energy. Now he could complete the walks without resting. We’ve been using the supplement for about three months and the effects are even more apparent. He has so much energy he runs in circles when he is excited. The best part, though, is seeing him run. When he sees a deer he takes off after it at full speed. And, boy can that dog run! When we call him back he is still full of energy and so proud of himself. Thank you for creating this pet supplement. It has made all the difference in our boy. And a special thanks also to NC Now/UNC-TV (see about page) for highlighting your efforts. We think Siegfried, if he knew how, would also thank you for giving him his health back.

-Allen and Jenny W., North Carolina


SCRUFFS, the dog suffering from Cushing’s disease:

Scruffs had been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and had a distended stomach, panting, excessive thirst, a very oily and patchy coat, and overall lethargy.

Following your recommendation, I stopped giving him any canned dog food and now have him on a diet of dried dog food in the morning and freshly prepared food in the evenings to include either carrots or spinach. He was put on strong medication by his vet and the combination of the medication and change in diet produced good overall results. His coat has returned to fullness and silkiness, his thirst has lessened, he pants less, and his stomach has gone down although it will swell again after several days of not taking the medication.  I also gave him your superfoods supplement you mailed me. Initially he did not seem to like it and so I held off on any more.

Within the last two weeks I decided to try your superfoods supplement mixture again; this time Scruffs was more accepting and has eaten it with his evening meals without problems.  For the first four or so days of using the mixture I did not notice any change. However, I have noticed an improvement since then: namely, his stomach swelling has reduced. The change was so surprising that this week I decided not to give him his medication and see if the stomach swelling remained under control and for the most part it has! (I have been giving him about 1 teaspoon a day.) I probably will resume his medication but am excited about the results from the supplement.

Because I am happy with the initial results from adding the supplement. I want another jar. I will keep you updated on Scruffs status as well.

-Greg B., Virginia


SCOUT, a corgi with Cushing’s Disease:

I just want to thank you for giving me a year and a half of life with my Scout. A year and a half that you made possible and I was told she wouldn’t have. I remember the day I called you and told you it was an emergency and that my scout was failing and I didn’t know what to do. I’d just been told she had Cushing’s and I was devastated. She wasn’t motivated to do anything. I wanted to give her a miracle. You overnighted your special herbs and from then on it was her regular diet. She started to perk up and gradually she became active again. So active that she showed no signs of cushings.. Until the end. It’s so hard to write this because my heart is still broken.I had an extra year and a half of memories because you were so kind and knew just what to do. You were with us all of that  time. You cheered the good times and cried with me when it wasn’t  so good. You gave us a natural way to live longer.I can’t thank you enough for your love of my Scout and your sharing of Natural Solutions. Thank You. It’s not how much we give but how much we put love into giving (MT).. your love is in the giving.
Right up to the end she was so happy. Crazy corgis steal your heart.

-Joanne H. Key West, FL


TRUFFLES, suffering from mild nerve root compression:

What a difference a year makes with your superfoods supplement! A year ago Truffles’ back legs started to give out & neurology specialists diagnosed mild nerve root compression (plus a mild Chiari-like malformation – given King Charles Cavalier Spaniel breed & had prior neurological injury). The choice of treatment presented was either medical therapy or MRI & surgical management – & for an older dog I had concerns for both options, & decided on short term meds & a month of rest; but he was still experiencing weakness & diminished quality of daily life so opted on a natural supplement to trial.  Did have to adjust & play around with best feed combo for about a week (using high quality natural food & add some boiled chicken w/ water)– & now eager to eat both meals every day & within 2.5 weeks had noticed the changes in him! 

Truffles was able to roll on his back & within a couple of months was using the stairs again & enjoying his walks, though shortened!  Truffles, recently had a checkup & vitals & all around health is good & now at 10.5 years of age his quality of life has been noticeably better & we both couldn’t be happier! 

-Leslie, Durham


MOLLIE and SEDONA, Cushing’s and Addison’s Diseases:

First update-as of right now I’ve decided to keep my deceased Mom’s dog, Mollie (my Cushings dog)! As she is starting to feel better, she’s starting to be able to hang with the big dogs like she used to. She’s playing again… Because of you – she’s playing again! She’s doing well.
I really don’t want to jinx any of the progress I’ve seen with my dogs… But! It’s too good not to share!
Sedona, my newly diagnosed Addisons dog (who almost died) went back for her next blood draw so they could give her another shot for her Addisons… the vet was shocked because her lab work was beautiful. Made them redraw it because she felt there was a mistake… redraw was perfect!!! She didn’t need the shot and the vet was shocked and in disbelief to say the least. She also cares for Mollie and is surprised to see Mollie doing so well. I told her what I have them on and she said if she sees this trend continue in them both, she wants to know more about what they are taking!!!! I am beyond thankful for this supplement Nancy. It’s making ALL the difference in my fur kids. I can’t thank you enough!!!

-Dawn, Raleigh, NC


POOH, a Yorkie with a collapsed trachea:

Pooh is our precious rescue 14 ½ yr old Yorkie, who is our child. She developed a collapsing trachea and coughed constantly. It was so severe that my husband, who works and I had to sleep in separate rooms because Pooh’s coughing, was so severe. Pooh’s veterinarian finally began to discuss putting her down because her heart and lungs were so taxed.

A friend begged me to get the product. She told me that they were seeing many good results on a variety of health conditions. I was desperate and didn’t want to give up on Pooh, so I called. They said that they had never had someone call about a collapsing trachea but if it was due to inflammation, there was hope. They rushed the order and I received the product the next day!

I immediately began the product that day at the twice daily recommendation. I called Nancy the next Thursday to tell her the good news. Our Pooh had slept for two nights and as I spoke to her on the phone, Pooh was outside running and playing in the sunshine.

Thank you for bringing the joy back to our family and helping our Pooh.

-Beverly, Burlington, NC

** The testimonials are experiences of years of satisfied customers on their use of the product. They are not claims or promises. Feel free to show your physician or veterinarian the ingredients and explanation of each product on this website and on the bottle. Each natural ingredient can be researched as a consumer.

Cat Testimonials

Jazz, a domestic cat with kidney failure and no energy:

Our cat, Jazz, is 15 years old. She has been suffering from kidney failure for the past year – her kidneys were operating at only 25%. She has been lethargic, not eating well, and drinking lots of water. We started her on your nutritional supplement about a month ago and noticed that she has become more energetic and her appetite has also really greatly improved.

Further, she was at the vet and they ran her tests again to check on the progression of her kidney function. The vet called us while we were on vacation to tell us that her kidney function was much improved.

– Joseph M., North Carolina

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Jessie, a gravely ill 15 yr old cat:

I am so thankful for these amazing supplements! I rescued a 15 year old cat in August (2018) and she has hyperthyroidism, cystitis, mammory gland tumors, seizures and arthritis. When I got her, she could barely walk. She would only stand up to go to her litter box or to the food bowl, but she would lay down to eat. I started these supplements about a week after I got her, and within no time, she was following me everywhere! She can even jump on and off of the couch now and she likes to play with feather toys and the ball and track. She got a thyroid pill and fast round antibiotic… but she’s thriving.  She no longer lays down to eat either! She is a totally different cat from when I pulled her from the shelter.

-Tracy S., Durham, NC


Pumpkin, a cat who had problems with his anal glands:

Just wanted to report that Jesse devoured his food last night and again this morning after I started mixing in your supplement! I’m going to try a tiny bit on the cats’ foods to see how they react tonight. Star, the cat, has skin allergies also.

I know that with Pumpkin, in a week, I could tell a difference in his stools and after about 2 months, I didn’t have to take him to the vet every month to have his anal glands expressed.

– Anonymous

** The testimonials are experiences of years of satisfied customers on their use of the product. They are not claims or promises. Feel free to show your physician or veterinarian the ingredients and explanation of each product on this website and on the bottle. Each natural ingredient can be researched as a consumer.