She was that once in a lifetime dog!  She was calm, special, beautiful, kind, loved everyone, confident, bright, wanted to please, and adored me as did I adore her. We were bonded and always together.  I often looked into her eyes and said, “you are an angel in a cocker suit”. Everyone knew Casey.  Even non-dog people liked her. Life was good as the years rolled by. Then it changed.

At 12, changes began.  I attributed it to aging:  lack of energy, panting, slowing down, subtle difference.  I took her to her veterinarian, and the diagnosis was Cushing’s Disease.  It is an autoimmune disease that is a one-way ticket.  It progressed until it became evident: she was dying.  Her hind legs had been quivering for a long time, hair was falling out, eyes became crusty and weepy, she had small tumors on her belly.  The drug option was a stall, at best, often pushing her into Addison’s Disease.  It seemed illogical trading one fatal disease for another.

With a background in nutrition with a degree in Home Sciences, I decided my kitchen would be my laboratory and food would be my ammunition.  I knew I had to reduce her inflammation raging in her body and boost her immune system to buy her quality time.  I researched every food powder, herb, spice that would target both goals.  I took her off all high-quality kibble and cooked for her adding fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, and my newly created supplement on both meals each day.  Any time with her to share was worth it to me.

Day 3: her trembling hind legs were stable.

Day 4: her crusty eyes were crystal clear

Day 5: her diminished hair began regrowth and her energy was returning wanting to walk outside

Day 21: her belly tumors were gone

(See website About Us—The Casey Story for before and after) pictures

Friends could not believe the transformation in her. They told friends who had sick dogs and cats wanting to know if I could help them.  Their pets also responded as you can see in the 15 years of testimonials.  Someone suggested that I start a business to which I first dismissed the idea, yet how could I not share with others what I created with her.   

Years have passed but my passion and commitment to make a difference never wavered.  I’ve spent hours with countless research finding cutting edge ingredients tweaking my formula each time so the next generation was even better.  My golden retriever, Alley, is now 13 years old May 11, 2018. Caley, my Bichon, is 14 on June 9, 2018.  BOTH have been on every iteration of my supplement as they stood by Casey’s side as puppies.  Goldens have a 67-85% chance of cancer and a life expectancy of 10-12 years often dying at 5 years.  Bichons live 12-14 years.  See my videos of my girls and their mobility, great coats, vitality, and even in their 80’s remarkable health.

Nutrition and proper supplementation of human grade food powders (NOTHING of mine is sourced in China) has proven to give them daily natural nutrients that they need.  Their strong immune systems and reduced body inflammation still are my same convictions for health and quality years.  Now there are so many studies out even in my Raleigh area also studying this correlation.  Duke University and the NCSU Veterinary School are collaborating on a golden retriever who was cured naturally of oral cancer since the canine and human systems are very similar.  November, 2017, the largest Chair was funded $3.7M at NCSU Veterinary School around nutrition and longevity.  Nationally, the Morris Foundation is studying nationwide golden retrievers and cancer and nutrition.  Recently launched is a great global docuseries on The Truth About Pet Cancer and many nutritional ideas researched.  Many of my supplement ingredients are discussed as cutting edge and why.  It’s an exciting time to see people hopeful learning tools to help their pets live quality lives.  Casey’s legacy started for me 15 years ago to share my work and beliefs and help others.  Many are now hearing/learning/sharing.