People Testimonials

For the new millennium, “Just Relief” is your medicine chest in a bottle.  Fabulous for sunburn relief, arthritis pains, muscle relief, headaches, and for itch of many kind of allergic reactions.  From someone who travels and works with many fascinating personalities of film, theater, and TV—it’s their doctor on the road.

– Joe, NYC


Being pregnant with triplets for 9 months, “Just Relief” was my thought blessing.  It helped me with my headaches, my aches and pains, my itching stretching skin, and knowing that one product could give a VERY pregnant lady relief–Thank you.

– Elizabeth, Long Island, NY mother of triplets

** The testimonials are experiences of years of satisfied customers on their use of the product. They are not claims or promises. Feel free to show your physician or veterinarian the ingredients and explanation of each product on this website and on the bottle. Each natural ingredient can be researched as a consumer.