People Testimonials

Leg cramping: If they have leg cramping before bed or earlier that day, they generously rub it on the affected area then again the next morning.


Headache:  If they had a headache during the day, at night they rub Just Relief across their forehead, temples and back base of neck. They also put a tiny amount in their hands, rub hands together then cup hands over their nose to inhale 5-6 deep breaths which seems to help breathing and congestion.  Remember the pleasant aroma is gone in 15 literal minutes.


Sunburn: It does not prevent sunburn, but customers tell me they apply it after a shower from being in the sun on areas that are beginning to look pink and again the next day.The aloe draws the heat and moistens the skin.


Minor insect bites or poison ivy/oak: Customers keep the Just Relief in a tote bag or close by if it’s the time of day for mosquitoes and they are going outside or if they are going to be hiking or gardening.  Poison Ivy or oak can ruin a fun outing.


Sports or working out: Customers say they put a bottle of Just Relief in their work out bag or sports bag as early application makes a huge difference. You can also wrap with a light ace bandage or apply low heat without fear of blistering the skin.

** The testimonials are experiences of years of satisfied customers on their use of the product. They are not claims or promises. Feel free to show your physician or veterinarian the ingredients and explanation of each product on this website and on the bottle. Each natural ingredient can be researched as a consumer.