Dog Testimonials

Alley, a British golden retriever born May 2005, and Caley, a Bichon Frisse born June 2004: Both of my girls have been on all four and soon to be five generations of my supplement for 12 years. They have never been without it from beginning creating it in my home for Casey. Their energy level and mobility is amazing. See the videos attached to see at their senior years how they run and play and move. Their coats are clean and bright. The golden with straighter hair glistens in the sunlight. Eyes are clear and their entire lives their medical records reveal annual exams yearly with an occasional accident like Caley being rammed by a bulldog in play resulting in a back issue, and she stuck her face in a fire ant bed one year. Alley was hypothyroid her entire life which is a breeding hormonal condition. As you can see from the videos, they move effortlessly and are thriving. No one ever can guess that they are senior girls. I have always fed grain free top kibble, veggies, and my supplement. Their weights are perfect as well as weight control is critical to overall pet health. It will be fascinating what their lifespans will be. My vet says he holds his breath beginning at age 8 with goldens, labs, shepherds, and the larger breeds. Cancer is so prevalent. I believe in giving them every health advantage their entire lives. They are my family so I feed them that way.

Caley at age 15 and 16 years old – Cancer free, perfect joints on my supplement since a puppy! Read about Nancy’s dogs in Prevention, also!

Emmy is a senior golden retriever with arthritis. Notice limping in first video. She was on Nancy’s pet supplement two weeks and back to playing fetch with her mom and tennis ball.


Roush is my 14 year old German Shepard. I have had him since he was 8 weeks old. He has had hip issues since then. Within the past year, I started to notice issues with him. At night he would bark uncontrollably for no reason what so ever. This could and would go on for hours. I tried numerous things to try and soothe him but nothing seemed to help. He was also a lot more lethargic than he normally was. He had a hard time standing after sitting or laying down for any period of time. Almost sometimes whimpering to get up. I contemplated putting him to sleep to end his misery. Within days of starting him on this supplement I saw miraculous things happening. He was up and waiting by the door when I would come home, something he hadn’t done or possibly been able to do for some time. He had energy and was interacting with the other dog, something else that he had been lacking in. He also stopped the night barking! He has increased mobility in his back legs and seems to be all in all feeling better! I only wish I would have been able to start him on a supplement like this 14 years ago… It has been life changing for him and I am blessed to have been introduced to this supplement and the amazing things it can do!

– Angela H., Raleigh, NC

It was around that same time I started using another outstanding product of Nancy’s called Just Relief which is a pain relieving anti inflammation lotion for people on the area of my dog’s back.The very first time I used it on that area of his back my dog turned to me and kissed me and looked like he was trying to say “thanks mom that feels so much better”. I used it daily, and I saw even more improvement with his ability to walk and do his rehabilitation. I too tried the Just Relief on a horrible bruise I had. I was very impressed how much better it felt and how quickly the color of the bruise disappeared! Right now, all I can say is how grateful I am for both of Nancy’s products! My dog is now able to do just about everything he could do before he was paralyzed. Nancy checks in regularly checking on him and his continuing progress. I have my happy and healthy dog back!

I would like to share some wonderful news about an outstanding pet supplement that I have been using for both my dogs. I started using the nutritional supplement after one of my dogs had a severe injury to his back. As a result of that injury he was paralyzed in his hind legs. He had to have spinal surgery to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord. He had his surgery in December and started physical therapy and rehabilitation soon after. He was making some progress but didn’t seem interested in much of anything, including eating. Even his favorite toy didn’t excite him. He wasn’t eating very much, just enough to survive. I contacted Nancy who was right there to help me. I started both dogs on Nancy’s Superfoods Pet Supplement the very end of January. Little by little we increased the dosage of the supplement. By the second week of February my little dog was eating much better and wanting to play with his favorite toy. Nancy gave us ideas how to incorporate our own pool and heated small spa area to exercise his muscles. He was improving every way: walking stability m, playing and a faster gait, energy and positive attitude. His zest for life came back! Even his rehabilitation therapist commented how much improvement she was seeing.
– Forever Grateful, Fort Lauderdale

SUGAR, a 12 year old Boxer with severe arthritis:

Sugar is a 12 year old boxer who has been very active all of her life. Over the past 2 years she has been progressively bothered by arthritis in her hips and legs. The vet put her on 100 mg of Novox daily. Frankly we didn’t see much improvement but we wanted to relieve her of pain as much as possible and were told this was the best medicine for her.

She started taking the supplement about a month ago. Within a week we noticed an improvement. She started running again and playing like a puppy. She even has done her crazy “run around the perimeter of the yard like a grey hound” a few times recently. We discontinued the Novox and so we credit the improvement to the supplement. We mix it into canned food and she eats it well. We are very pleased and amazed at the results!
UPDATE: We were going on vacation and thought we had enough supplement to last. Sadly we ran out. We saw Sugar in s few days lose some of her vibrant mobility and energy. That day we returned, I called for more. I had made a to do list for that day. As I was leaving and grabbed my list, I smiled as husband added to bottom in big letters “get sugar’s ‘miracle powder’” as he affectionately calls it. It is obvious to us through watching her what an impact it makes.

– Suzanne H., Raleigh, NC

SASHA, a lab/chow mix suffering from Arthritis, hip dysplasia, seizures, and tumors:

Recently, within the past four months Sasha suffered a grand mal seizure that almost took her life. I didn’t want to let her down just because she has seizures. My family and I spent thousands of dollars keeping her alive with emergency visits to vet and medications. Sasha would stay in my room at night so I could assist her through a seizure. I wanted her to be comfortable and happy while she aged. I consider Sasha a child of my own with everything we experienced together.

In the past three years her body has become stiffer in the hips as she has aged from arthritis and the seizures. She walked with a limp and was slowing down to a mere stroll on daily walks. We stopped seeing Sasha run. She was developing fatty tumors on her belly and recently near her mouth. Her diet consisted of a strict regimen of an adult light dog food with a joint vitamin and seizure medication. I was exploring alternative medicines for her to heal her body from the entire recent traumas. This supplement has changed Sasha’s path. I think a few years have been added to Sasha’s life by the supplement alone. The trial is over with the results astounding both my family and myself.

Three major occurrences happened during the two week trial period:

  1. After one week Sasha began sprinting (yes! literally a full run) with my younger two year old dog during our morning play time. She was stretching her body out fully and running. I remember laughing with pure joy that Sasha was beginning to enjoy her walks and play time again.
  2. She is walking with a quick pep in her step. Sasha’s eyes have less of a fog to them and she responds with more alertness and coherency when you call her name. Her breath has gotten about 20% better since the trial has begun, (thank goodness!). The coat of hair on her body has also filled in and is not so mangy looking.
  3. Sasha had formed a fatty white tumor on her front left lip that was growing larger and larger as time passed. I feared the worst, cancer or another deadly disease that I could not afford. Since her trial began with great happiness this fatty white tumor has been shrinking continuously every day. I am happy to report the tumor has shrunk completely away! She can eat on both sides of her mouth without only chewing with her back teeth for fear of hitting the tumor.
I have been so pleased to have the opportunity to feed this product to my fearless companion Sasha who works so hard to stay with our family a little while longer. She has been a joyful addition and we all thank you for the development of this ingenious product to help bring joy and comfort to dogs everywhere. I would gladly encourage any friend or family member to try this product.

– Molly N., Raleigh, NC

MAX, a Bichon with spinal cord energy after 5 months on supplement and Just relief:
The best part was seeing Max return to his happy playful self! Thanks Nancy for your superior products and your unending loving support!

– Susan, Florida

PRINCESS, a 12 year old lab:
My 12 year old lab, Princess, has responded very well to your product.  She was once a lab that acted her age with aching hips and slowly walked to and from outside and now she is spunky and wants to play.  She even decided recently, after taking the supplement for about 6 weeks that she wants to run when we go for a walk.  What a pleasant surprise.  She also loves the taste as she gets even more excited than a lab usually does (if that’s possible) when it is time for a meal.  Great product!

– Randall D., North Carolina

LIZZIE, a senior German Shepard with arthritis, and BUCKLEY:
I wanted to send you this text to say thank you for helping keep my dogs Lizzie and Buckley healthy. Lizzy is a 14-year-old German Shepherd with some arthritis in her back legs and her hips, as shepherds are prone to have. Almost 3 years ago, we started with your supplement in our food and she has increased her stamina and her ability to move 10-fold without having to take any kind of medication that would endanger the rest of her health .
Oddly, she got tired of her food. I changed foods and put supplement. I watched her health degenerate into almost nothing where she struggled to get up she wasn’t recovering from from injury and she just did she wasn’t happy – she was listless so I again changed her food and put the supplement back in and it’s been amazing it took literally maybe 48 hours for her to recover and she’s feeling wonderful and happy and she’s was moving just fine again and so I don’t let my dogs go without it no matter how picky they are about their food.
It has truly made a difference in their lives. It has kept Lizzy healthy. We just had her 14-year-old check up her heart is in great condition, her blood work came back all within regular limit even for older dogs. The vet said they were amazed and how well and in such good shape she was in.
So thank you for taking the time to create this and doing everything that you do to keep our pets well.
LIZZIE, updates September 2020:
I wanted to share an update of Lizzie with you
My dear Liz is at home with just palliative care technically doggy hospice she probably has tumors in her sinus cavity and her lungs and she’s struggling to breathe but the amazing thing is is that our heart is strong and everything else and her blood work is amazing and that’s because of your supplement Nancy. She is a 14 and 1/2-year-old German Shepherd which is unheard of in these times so you helped prolong her life and to make sure she had quality of life and that means everything to me, so I want to thank you for your amazing product and how much you have helped care for my precious precious girl. thank you.
– Wendy, Raleigh, NC

FOXY,  11 years old, PARIS, 9 years old, and CUPCAKE, 5 years old:
This Pet Super Natural Supplement helped My Foxy who Suffers From severe arthritis and hip problems it gave him back his mobility. I see a huge difference in my Foxy and I so happy I found this supplement. I was tired of giving drugs that were prescribed from my Veterinary  to him. Seeing him groggy and pretty much helpless just broke my heart.
Now he’s thriving and pretty much a happy dog. I also give this product to my other babies and I see a difference in their  coats which are much shiner and healthier, teeth, nails and over all happy dogs. I totally recommend this product for your pets as well

– Valene F.

LUCKY SR., a Shepherd with seizures and arthritis:

We have a 23 years old German shepherd that was given to my son when he was 4 and is now my son is 27. Lucky is a family member we all love. Age was taking its toll on him. He had no energy, he was horribly arthritic, and he stopped greeting us at the kitchen door when he heard the garage door rise. He also seizured regularly which his veterinarian told us would probably take him from us eventually.

I met Nancy Seymour one day and she suggested trying her pet supplement in his food. It was a supplement meant to fight the inflammation that was causing him pain. It was so easy to use and he actually liked the taste!

I ran into Nancy a few months later and I was thrilled to tell her Lucky was a different dog. He was jogging on the golf course each morning with our son, he regularly chased squirrels, and he out played the year and a half Shi Tzu next door. We also found that he bounded to greet us each day at the kitchen door with renewed energy. The best gift though, is that Lucky has not seizured once since being on the supplement.

However long we have left with Lucky, we will know that his quality of life has been improved and this is a joy for us to see. I highly recommend this supplement!

– Marion, Fayetteville, NC

Cooper is one of my rescued pitbulls that is estimated to be around 8-9 years old. He developed arthritis in his back and his hips. Earlier this year, he completely stopped playing, was dragging his back feet when he walked, and he stopped doing what he loves best… Cuddling with me in the recliner. It was too painful for him. I began giving him your supplement every morning starting in mid June. It is now mid August, and Cooper is back to being himself. He rarely drags his feet, he cuddles in the recliner again, he runs, he plays, he jumps, he rolls around on the floor, and he just overall seems so much happier.
– Tracy S. Zebulon, NC

Wellll…I was going to try to get a “before” video for you, but the supplement seems to already be helping a lot only after 3 days. I took him on a walk tonight and we went around the whole block, which we haven’t been able to do in a couple months now because he would limp and drag his feet so much. Normally I can only walk him the length of two houses and then back home again. Tonight he only dragged his feet about 4 times during the whole walk, he didn’t limp at all, and he kept a really good pace! I’m really excited to see how he’ll progress in the next week or two. Maybe he’ll start going for runs next to my bike again soon.

– Tracy, Raleigh, NC

Brophy (a senior Old English Sheepdog) is so much more mobile – we have gone for a four mile hike and 3 mile walks, and he doesn’t try to stop or refuse to go.  He has a spring in his step and a wiggle when he walks, he isn’t stiff in his hips.  Coat looks great.

Sparky (an adult Cockapoo)  is as spry as ever, coat looks great.

– Sandra, Greensboro, NC

** The testimonials are experiences of years of satisfied customers on their use of the product. They are not claims or promises. Feel free to show your physician or veterinarian the ingredients and explanation of each product on this website and on the bottle. Each natural ingredient can be researched as a consumer.

Cat Testimonials

Quincey, Hope, and Lilly:

My cats are all rescues and young and healthy.  I began with my first kitty, a male orange and white tabby named Quincey) on the supplement after I rescued him from a local hotel where he was living. He was about 10 months old and will be 7 in July, 2016.  I sprinkle it on his mostly dry grain free kibble with a small wet food topper. He inhales it.  Hope, my rescue black and white tuxedo, will be 3 years old August, 2016.  He has been on the supplement for 2.5 years, and he readily eats it the same way as Quincey.  Their coats are very shiny and healthy and full looking.  They have energy to play after meals yet are calm in nature.  They have never had a veterinarian illness and get their annual exams.


Lilly is my white kitty who was a rescue given to me by a foster.  She had been declawed and escaped from her home or was dumped. Lilly is my extreme finicky eater.  She came to me eating Friskies and Fancy Feast of which I would not tolerate that diet.  After a weaning her off that diet, she finally has found about 5 foods of grain free kibble she eats.  I do best with her on wet food and just a pinch mixed in.  I am trying a new process of gradually mixing it in her dry kibble.  Her coat is clean and no matting and she also has had no illnesses like my boys.  She will be 7 years July, 2016. 


Knowing that younger, healthy pets should be the very ones to begin my supplement, I give them half doses.  I want to give them the opportunity for a great quality of life with vitality, a great coat, and lifelong wellness.  I know as they approach 8-10 years, they will have great joint health and mobility.  I also know the immune support of all of the superfoods will make an enormous difference to their quality of life.



– Nancy Seymour

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Jazz, a domestic cat with kidney failure and no energy:

Our cat, Jazz, is 15 years old. She has been suffering from kidney failure for the past year – her kidneys were operating at only 25%. She has been lethargic, not eating well, and drinking lots of water. We started her on your nutritional supplement about a month ago and noticed that she has become more energetic and her appetite has also really greatly improved.

Further, she was at the vet and they ran her tests again to check on the progression of her kidney function. The vet called us while we were on vacation to tell us that her kidney function was much improved.

– Joseph M., North Carolina

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** The testimonials are experiences of years of satisfied customers on their use of the product. They are not claims or promises. Feel free to show your physician or veterinarian the ingredients and explanation of each product on this website and on the bottle. Each natural ingredient can be researched as a consumer.